Yin Yoga


Explore a deep release of physical and emotional tension. Each class is intended to create joint space, soften connective tissue and unravel muscular rigidity. We incorporate trigger point therapy to access more depth throughout the practice.

Expect to feel deeply relaxed and stretched as you move through a slow, seated, meditative sequence | All Levels

Vinyasa Flow All Levels


Each class is intelligently sequenced to weave a different theme into your movement practice. Time is spent steadily exploring foundational alignment whilst cultivating awareness of the breath. Complete your series by flowing into either a peak pose or experience.

Expect to feel open, centred and balanced | All Levels

Vinyasa Flow Intermediate


Each class is sequenced in a progressive way to build strength, flexibility and mental focus. This practice will prepare you for play with inversions and arm balances.

Expect to find your edge, come ready to sweat | Intermediate - Advanced