Our team of teachers are all highly qualified to ensure you are in safe and experienced hands.

Zara Brouwers


“Yoga is so much more than a series of movements- it’s a full body catharsis. A time dedicated to journeying through emotional, physical and mental tensions that are holding me back from being my true self.”

Studio Owner | Teacher


Robbie Keck


"The experience of energy with clarity, truth and love. Clarity for what I want in this life. Truth for correct action being able to listen to others and speak my own. For the love that permiates all beings. Taking my practice off the mat and out into the world."


Natasha Mason


“Yoga allows me to be strong, yet soft in my power, and to bring more pleasure to my life, by giving myself full permission to listen to my body’s deep inner knowing. By softening and surrendering, I am able to expand and weave this into family and friends and assist people to connect deeper into their heart and body. Yoga is an intimate communication with our core self and there is a freedom when you can be seen as who you authentically are. ”


Erica Snowden


"Yoga to me is an opportunity to pause, reflect and practice self love. Taking time to nourish my body and mind gifts me the ability to give the best of myself to others."


Nadine Rogers


For me, yoga is an invitation to embark on a sacred path of self-discovery and inner growth.It allows me to delve deeper into my soul, connecting with my true self. It opens doors to self-reflection, self-acceptance, and a profound sense of authenticity. It is through this journey that I have learned to embrace my unique gifts and navigate life with grace and resilience."


Madison Ross


Yoga gives me permission to just be. Meeting myself wherever I am in that moment, granting me peace to acknowledge and accept where I am and giving me space to cultivate self love. Yoga, to me, feels like coming home."


Yasi Avazpour

“Yoga holds a profound significance in my life as a sanctuary for discovering tranquility, fostering a profound connection within myself, and nurturing a sense of compassion, not only towards my own being but also towards others. Through the practice of yoga I unearth a haven of inner peace and self-love, while also cultivating a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness that binds us all. It's within this sacred space that I uncover not only physical flexibility, but also an adaptable mindset that helps me navigate the challenges of life with grace and resilience.”