New To Yoga? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Looking for beginners yoga and not sure where to start?

Let us guide you through the options so you can start your journey with yoga on the right foot.

Yoga is a vast practice and with so many different styles it can be daunting to know where to begin. Like any movement based modality these days there are lots of options available, each with different intentions, boasting different benefits and suited to different abilities. Here at The Wellness Project we understand what it feels like to try something new,to walk into an unfamiliar space, with new faces and a feel like there is a whole new language to learn. Often our insecurities and fear of the unknown create obstacles that prevent us from experiencing something different. So we wanted to make being a ‘new student’ as comfortable as possible, so you feel like you’re part of the family.

What happens when you book a class with us?
From the moment you register for a class care is taken to prepare a lesson that will suit your needs. The beauty of our advanced booking system means we know who is coming to class before it begins. This means we can accommodate your experience, injuries and desires for challenge. Instead of teaching a generic class our teachers can create a practice especially for those attending, with just enough repetition to keep you progressing and just enough variety to keep your practice fresh. We also like to lay your mat for you, as well any props you may need. This means you can arrive, relax and settle on a mat without any added stress. If you have time, take a seat in our tearoom, have a cup of tea and chat with other students to connect with your community.

A unique distinction between Yoga and any other forms of exercise like ‘Pilates’, ‘Crossfit’ or Gym Classes, is that it provides you with a feeling of unity between body, mind and breath. Each of our classes holds space for a specific theme. Our points of contemplation invite you to tune into your thoughts and feelings and learn more about yourself. From mudra, to mantra, to movement, everything has a deeper meaning that contributes to a magical experience. Our focus in every lesson is you ensuring that you, as a student, get what you need. Our teachers are always available before and after class if you have questions, concerns or feedback about the session or simply want to share your experience with someone trusted.

Which is the right class for me?
Knowing which class to book as a first-timer is always daunting. Non-one wants to be stuck in a room where they feel out of their depth and unable to make an easy escape!
To make things easier we have two different styles of Yoga on offer at the studio and 3 different levels of classes so you begin wherever you are and progress to where you would like to go.

My first question for any new student is; What are you looking for from a Yoga practice?

I’m looking for … rest, relaxation and meditation.
Then Our Yin Release classes will be your tonic!

What is a Yin Release class?

This style of Yoga is intended to release the connective tissues of the body as well create nourishment and space in our joints. Explore a more passive practice that focusses on rest, relaxation and release of tension. Move through longer held postures to create a deep stretch.
It is a stillness based practice where postures are held, fully supported by props, for 3-5 minutes. Yin yoga has strong roots in Eastern philosophy. We utilize knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate the flow of chi through the 12 energy meridians. Sometimes you’ll encounter classes sequenced around Chakras, Ayurvedic Medicine or Myofascial Trains. We often use trigger point therapy and self-massage balls in this class. Enjoy the meditative nature of this practice as you slow down and focus on being more mindful of your body, your thoughts and your breath. You will leave feeling like you have had a full body massage and your batteries have been completely recharged.

I’m looking for… strength, mobility and flow.
Our Vinyasa Flow classes will be your jam.

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

This style of Yoga is intended to strengthen and mobilise the muscle tissues of the body as well as create a sense of focus and balance. Explore a more active practice that builds strength, mobility and heat. Move through a series of postures, held for a shorter time, to create a flow that moves with your breath.
The term ‘vinyasa’ means to place in a special way- so generally these classes will focus on a specific area of the body or work towards something called a ‘peak pose’. This style is more dynamic and depending on the level of the class you are attending, you can expect to create heat and even sometimes a little sweat.

We offer 3 separate levels of Vinyasa Classes so that you can find just the right amount of pace, strength and sweat for you.

All Levels:
Vinyasa RESTORE- is a slow flow class for those looking to for those looking for a gentle and more approachable practice.
Sweat Level

Vinyasa REALIGN- is an alignment focused flow class for those looking to create a strong foundation of practice.
Sweat Level

Level 1-2:
Vinyasa REVIVE- is a dynamic flow class for those looking to progress their practice. Taught with music.
Sweat Level

Levels 2-3:
Vinyasa Recondition- is a conditioning flow class for those working towards inversions and arm balances in their practice.
Sweat Level

I’m not sure what I am looking for…
Become a Yoga tourist. Pop along, try out our different classes, meet our teachers and then decide for yourself!
We have a special offer for all new students:

How many times a week should I aim to practice?
I always say, something is better than nothing. We have some students that practice every day, some who practice once per week and others that pop in when they have time. Whether you are a dedicated practitioner or a weekend warrior you will feel benefit from a regular Yoga practice. The key, as with anything, is regularity. Progress is always noted when we are consistent. So choose a time of day that works with your schedule, book ahead, pay online and our handy mobile ‘Mindbody’ app will pop your class in your calendar!

Do I need to complete a Newbies Workshop or Course before coming to classes?
Ofcourse not! Our Yin Release classes do not require any prior experience with Yoga whatsoever and can be modified for anyone of any age and stage. Our Yoga 101 workshops and Newbies courses are specifically designed to give students the foundation they need to begin a Vinyasa Flow practice. While these work well for some students, they are not for everyone and some can find it difficult to commit to a certain time and day every week. Our ‘All Levels’ classes are also completely suitable for beginners. These classes are slow enough that you can follow the flow and descriptive enough for you to find the correct alignment for your body. They also offer you options to reduce the intensity of the practice or progress as you feel ready.

Our next 2 hour Yoga 101 Workshop is being held: Sunday 28 April | 11am-1pm

This a condensed version of our Yoga Newbies Series and covers the foundations of alignment (asana) , basic breath work (pranayama) and philosophy (the koshas) for Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Workshop costs $39 and includes all equipment.

Our next 6 Week Yoga Newbies Series starts: Tuesday 28 May | 7pm-8.15pm

Our flagship 6 week beginners course. Meets once per week, each Tuesday from 7pm-8.15pm. Cover the basics of alignment, breath work and philosophy needed for Vinyasa Flow Yoga, then progress your practice from week to week. Course costs $99 and includes all equipment.

These Workshops and Courses can be booked online through our Courses page.

What if I have injuries or limitations that might affect my ability to join in a class?
Not to worry, you are more than welcome to email Zara with any concerns you might have and she will gladly you direct you to the best place to begin. Most injuries can be comfortably accommodated in class (as can Pregnancies) by our experienced teaching team. However if you are not sure, we also offer one on one lessons that may better meet your needs. These are $60 per hour and can be booked by emailing

How does your schedule work?
Our timetable has 21 classes available each week. They do not run on a term by term basis and instead operate on a first booked basis. We take no more than 20 students per class which means when you book your class your place is guaranteed. We do recommend booking ahead to prevent disappointment and to ensure your mat is ready and waiting for you when you arrive. Classes are paid for upon booking and we have a range of pricing options available to best suit you. From single class drop ins, concession options or memberships depending on how often you’d like to practice. We do have a 2 hour cancellation policy and appreciate clients cancelling early, however provided there is space in any given class you can book up to 15 minutes before the lesson begins.

What do I need to bring with me to my first class?
Just yourself and a water bottle. We provide all mats and equipment you’ll need for class. We have space at the studio for you to change and lockers for handbags or belongings to be stored safely. We do suggest coming 5-10 minutes for your first class so we can show you around, catch up on any injuries you may have and answer any of your questions.

We would absolutely love to share our beautiful studio with you. Feel free to contact Zara with any questions you might have about beginning a Yoga practice or if you’re feeling ready to give a class a try, go ahead and book in online through our Timetable page.

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