The Modern Warrior

One of my favourite things to do is challenge the constructs of modern society, and flip current perspectives in pursuit of a full and meaningful life.

What does it mean to be a modern day warrior?

How can we redefine the labels assigned by the past so that our current paths have new meaning? The traditional concept of a warrior is someone who is engaged in warfare, struggle or resolving conflict. To some extent this can be extrapolated to our current lives but perhaps in a slightly different context.

The ‘modern warrior’ is engaged in struggle, a daily struggle searching for a fulfilling life, finding love and a sense of belonging. A conflict exists too, one we don’t often acknowledge. It is the conflict between meeting our responsibilities as adults and finding a deeper meaning to the life we live. On a daily basis we are dealing with constant conflict between having enough time, money and energy to fulfill the life we want to lead. Our physiological processes are under attack as we fight to maintain the lives we have created. We are all therefore warriors, delicately resolving a conflict of some shape or form.

As ‘modern warriors’ we are engaged in action. We are the makers of change; creating what were once dreams into a new reality. Battling the constructs of years passed with views of a new life. This new reality has enormous momentum as we move forward at great pace and we are all caught in this inertia. Constantly we are searching to be part of the action. Whether it is physical exertion, mastering self-discipline or working to meet endless deadlines. Dealing day in and day out in the currency of time.

It is not just the action and external battles we are part of. With time restraints, energy restraints and financial burdens the outside conflicts are just the beginning. As the inertia of our busy lives builds, the layers to our modern lives become more complicated. Our ability to connect to ourselves lessens. We are faced with expectations of others, and of ourselves. Whether it is body image, self-confidence or views of personal success, often we are battling ourselves.

With ever present conflict and exertion we are all modern warriors on a daily basis. We are constantly in a battle against time, family, money or our own self-esteem.
Where does the battle end? Why do we keep fighting to keep up?

When do we realise that we are not under attack and we don’t need to run head first into battle at every turn? Doing more, moving faster, judging yourself or others harshly for not being enough of a ‘warrior’?

Life can be re-defined, the pace at which you live can change and you do not have to fight yourself every time you look in the mirror. You do not have to fight yourself to stay fit, eat healthy and be the winner of a gold star at work! Not only does your body feel under attack but your mind starts to believe it! Allow yourself to let go of constant expectation and the need to be in the action. Stop fighting yourself and others, and start living for you with others.

And if perhaps you find yourself having to be a warrior, be the humble kind – on your own journey in pursuit of change. Cultivate kindness, move at an intelligent pace, count your blessings and find peace in failure or success.

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