Annie’s Birth Story

Every couples journey to conceive is different and Annie’s story begins in the opposite way to that of her big brother. After nearly 4 years of infrequent cycles and ‘unexplained infertility’ Elijah was our little miracle. Having taken a break from ‘trying’ we were both shocked and elated to find that we had managed to […]

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New To Yoga? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Looking for beginners yoga and not sure where to start? Let us guide you through the options so you can start your journey with yoga on the right foot. Yoga is a vast practice and with so many different styles it can be daunting to know where to begin. Like any movement based modality these […]

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Letting Go Of The Need To Please

During the earlier years my decisions were governed by other people’s perceptions of what my life should look like. Doing ‘the right thing’ and making sure ‘everything happened at the right time’. A great deal of my choices stemmed from expectation; whether school subjects, friendships, extra-curricular activities, university degrees, professionals roles, travel destinations, house ownership, […]

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Yoga and Meditation…For Hippies Right?

There is something I really love about students new to yoga. There is an unknowing, a blank canvas ready to be printed, a journey about to begin. So often they are drawn to the practice as a ‘stretch’ for the purely physical benefits, of which there are so many. But when does Yoga stop being […]

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